Unknown Trading Post

An unknown Canadian Rockies trading post possibly in the upper Oldman River watershed, possibly in the 1870s, and possibly retaken in 1983 (possibly Bruno Engler files, Parks Canada, Banff National Park).

In the early 1980s, noted Rocky Mountain photographer Bruno Engler worked with Parks Canada repeating historic images for the eastern slopes area. This set of images may have been found in the files arising from this work. The location and providence of the photographs is not documented, although it is possible that Bruno may have obtained the historic image of the trading post from old timers during the 1950s when he and his family lived in the Crowsnest Pass area, and then repeated the image for the Parks Canada project. During his Crownest Pass period, Engler also worked with geologists seeking the “Lost Lemon Mine” in this area.1

Sleuthing out the whole story of these images, and re-photographing a current view would prove a great introduction for someone looking to take up the hobby of then-now photography. I’d be pleased to post the “now”photo and story of anyone that takes this assignment on.  From snow conditions, it looks like Engler did his retake early in April…very early in April.

  1. Sandford, R.W., ed.  A Mountain Life: The Stories and Photographs of Bruno Engler. Canmore, AB: Alpine Club of Canada, p. 90-100.