Hagwilget Canyon Village

First Nation’s village in the Halwilget Canyon in c. 1900 (John Babcock, National Archives Canada PN-003399) and 2016 (CW-2016-04-16-0604). The Wet’suwet’en village of Tse Kya lay at the base of cliff near an important salmon fishing site on the Bulkley River, near the current town of Hazelton, BC., showing the drying racks, smoke houses, and caches associated with salmon processing.  This image is described by historian Dan Savard in his book Images from the Likeness House – a compendium of exceptional photographs of First Nation’s culture in British Columbia for the period 1860 to 1920. 1

Footnotes and Map


  1. Savard. D. Images from the Likeness House. Victoria, BC: Royal BC Museum, 2010, p. 179.
Center map