Victoria Harbour

View of Victoria Harbour and Fort Victoria (far left) in 1864 (photograph attributed to Arthur Vipond, Royal BC Museum PN8954-A1) and approximately the same location in 2015 (CW-2015-08-18-0408. Photograph historian Grant Keddie produced an excellent book on the Songhees people and the history of the harbour. 1

I haven’t scaled the then/now images as correctly as should be done. Someone who knows their Victoria landmarks (past and present) could likely do a better job. Its also likely that  more historic images from the late 1800s and 1900s show this scene, making it possible to do a more complete sequence of landscape change over time.  


Map and Footnotes

  1. Keddie, G.,  A Songhees Pictorial: History of the Songhees as Seen by Outsiders (1790-1912). Victoria, BC: Royal BC Museum, 2003.
Center map