Terra Incognita: The Rocky Mountains

This fur trade chapter will be completed in 2016. It use repeat photographs to describe landscapes and activities associated with the fur trade in the Rocky Mountains for the period c. 1800 to 1870, and land use changes since this time.


Overview – Siksika First Nation – Piegan Post – Sir George Simpson at Banff – Simpson Pass and Healy Lakes – Warre and Vavasour  over Whitemans Pass – South Kootenay Pass – Belly River – Piegan Sun Dance Encampment – Many Glaciers – Forts on the Missouri – Mystic Lake -Pleasant Valley and Hudson Bay Brigades – Valley of the Yellowstone – Obsidian Cliff – Yancy’s Hole, Upper Yellowstone – Index Peak and Nez Perce bison hunters – Henrys Lake – The Rendevous and Teton Valley – Grand Tetons from Jackson Hole – Ogden, Utah – Oregon Trail           

Washington Irving quote:

The Rocky Mountains formed a vast barrier between them (the Hudson Bay fur-traders in the Pacific Northwest) and the United States, and their stern and awful defiles, their rugged valleys, and the great western plains watered by rivers remained almost a terra incognita to the American trapper (Washington Irving 1).

Please see galleries for repeat photographs of the area.



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