Old Man’s Playing Ground

 The “Old Man’s Playing Ground” (grassland on the valley bottom at lower left), just west of the “gap” through the Livingstone Range on the Oldman River taken from the ridge of  Thunder Mountain. The original photograph was taken in 1913 by M. P. Bridgland for the topographic survey of the Crowsnest Forest Reserve and Waterton Lakes National Park (MLP-BRI1913_B13-222) and it was precisely repeated by the Mountain Legacy Project in 2007 (MLP-B0057). 1

Map and Footnotes

Center map
  1. MacLaren, I., E. Higgs and G. Zezulka-Mailloux. Mapper of Mountains: M.P. Bridgland in the Canadian Rockies 1902–1930. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2005.